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The original ranch was homesteaded by Kenneth’s grandparents in the 1880’s. Through the 1930’s depression Kenneth’s mother, Goldie O’Hare, saved the ranch by raising turkeys and selling them in the Eastern US.  Through the years Kenneth and family added the farming part of the operation in the 1960’s.  Doug and Corby took on their roles in the operation during the late 70’s.


The cattle side continued to be a traditional cow/calf ranch until the replacement heifer program was added in the early 90’s. The program has expanded and the operation is now mainly focused on heifer development.  The O’Hare Ranch has grown with a reputation for high-quality replacement heifers, not only with surrounding ranchers but many states across the country. 


In recent years another generation has entered the business to continue the O’Hare Ranch heifer development program.  

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