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Angus or Angus-Hereford cross heifers are developed and AI’d to proven bulls for calving ease. The heifers are weaned in the fall and started on grower rations in well-maintained lots through the winter.  The culling process is done throughout the process and is based on pelvic measurements, temperament, conformation, color, or anything that we feel would not make a good herd cow.  The heifers are synchronized in the development lots and then mass AI bred by trained ABS technicians. 


After the first cycle, the heifers are are re-syncronized and d cycle   Following the AI process the heifers are ultrasound preg-checked in June for the 1st AI and July for 2nd AI.  Following the AI process and initial ultrasound preg-check, the heifers are turned out to pasture.  Bulls are turned in with the open heifers.  Prior to the sale, everything is preg-checked again to guarantee breeding and calving dates.  The majority of the heifers are sold privately off the ranch and the rest are marketed through local sale barns.


In order to continue to improve in the development, process information is key.  Each heifer is EID tagged to keep records of the source, health, treatment dates, weight, breeding dates, conception rates, etc. 

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